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Call Number SEM-193
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Title Efficient collective data distribution in all-port wormhole-routed hypercubes, Hal. 792-801
Author D.F. Robinson; D. Judd P. K. McKinley, and B.H.C. Cheng;
Publisher Proceedings supercomputing'93 Portland, Oregon November 15-19
Lokasi : Perpustakaan Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
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This paper addresses the problem of collection data distribution, specifically multcast, in wormhole-routed hypercubes. The system model allows a processor to send and receive data in all dimensions simulatancously. New theoretical rsults htat characterize contention among messages in to design new multicas routing algoritms. THe Algorithms are compared interms of the number of steps required in each, their measured execution times whe implemented on a relatively small-scale nCUBE-2, and their simulated execution times on larger hypercubes. The results indicate that significant perfomance inprovement is possible whe the multicast algorithm actively indentifies and uses multiple ports in paralle.