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Call Number PA-0013 (Softcopy PA-0013)
Collection Type Proyek Akhir (PA)
Title Penerapan perancanga strategi e-business untuk content services studi kasus di Lembaga Kantor Berita Nasional (LKBN) ANTARA
Author DARLIM;
Publisher Jakarta : Pascasarjana MTI, 2004
Subject E- business; E-commerce
Lokasi : Perpustakaan Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
Nomor Panggil ID Koleksi Status
PA-0013 (Softcopy PA-0013) 04/10366 TERSEDIA
Tidak ada review pada koleksi ini: 7435
Nowdays, we are entering in the era of information-based competition. Information used Information and Communication Technology could be valuable asset for business institution agints tight competition. Indonesian National News Agency (LKBN) ANTARA needs to perform strategies step a head supported by clear and defined vision, mission, objectives and strategies to become a leading Content Service and Provider. By impelementing e-Business concept, Wish LKBN ANTARA could realized its dream. We are using Kalakota Methodology to implement e-Business in LKBN ANTARA which steps are: Knowledge Building, Capability Evaluation and Design e-Business. Ideally, LKBN ANTARA can get many advantages of implementing e-Business such as : operational cost reduction sleeming process and mechanism of operational work ; get new market (subscriber potency); new income (money/revenue generator ) and improve journalist prductivity. Due to time constanint in writing this Master Project, we just focus on process and application face to our subscriber directly which called LKBN ANTARA website, internet based application. Next, we need to explore and study more details process related to whole operational to be able to find their advantages in the real world.