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Title Entropy Based Variable Rate Compression for Low-Bandwith Multi-Media Streams
Author Vasanth Iyer,Rama Murthy Garimella,M.B. Srinivas;
Publisher PROCEEDINGS The First International Conference on Distributed Frameworks and Applications : DFmA 2008 21-22 October 2008,USM,Penang,Malaysia
Subject Low-Bandwith streaming,variable bandwith compression,collaborative wireles bandwith,trans-coding of CODEC streams,rate distortion theory
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Trans-coding of Audio and video content is a recompression based on pre-processing the input and converting into a stream able wireles format over low bandwith network which does not maintain an exactly constant bit rate.AS the portable devices have an circular buffer other ad hoc networks which handles the incoming stream the encoder time indexes the stream bits according to the first frame's request and compresses and delivers packet according to the dynamic channel bandwith.The circular buffer is said to cantain the start sequence of the frame and the remaining are delivered before the presentation Time field without ever overrunnig the buffer.The compression model uses a similliar algorithm as as Huffman codes and the streams are optimized to be able easily seek into each frame by using a variable unitary part and fixed offset which is multiple of 2 for easy decoding.Only the frames are transmitted and the values are shared using a lookup table between the encoder and the decoder.In this paper the encoder uses multi-channel audio to mix different PCM samples across 64 volume levels of dynamic range to achive trans-coding this paper we define an om-demand adaptive algorithm called trans-repairing for constrained devices which takes original 2n symbols and re-pairs it into m n symbol which are the current needs of the low-power ,low-bandwith heterogeneus GPRS,ZigBee and other ad-hoc networks forming a collaborative multi-media smart wireles network.