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Call Number SEM-364
Collection Type Indeks Artikel prosiding/Sem
Title Personal information management systems and interfaces: An overview. ( hal. 197-202 )
Author Mohammad Rustom Al Nasar, Masnizah Modh, Nazlena Mohammad Ali;
Publisher 2011 International conference on semantic technology and information retrieval 28-29 June 2011 Putrajaya Malaysia
Subject Personal information management; user interfaces; human memory; systems
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In this paper we present an overview of a personal information management (PIM) system and some examples of the interface applications. PIM involves methods and procedures to store,manager,retrieval and show information. PIM systems are becoming more ubiquitous and present a need for their functions toward improving and enhancing information search results. Therefore,studying the current PIM systems becomes unavoidable in order to develop newer systems. The purpose of this review is to discover and describe the criteria of user interfaces in PIM systems. We first describe the state of the art in PIM systems and present reviews on the elements of PIM user interfaces. Then we discuss the interface components between applications and illustrate the features provided in each. Keywords: Personal information management; user interfaces; human memory; systems.