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Title The use of gabor filter and back-propagation neural network for the automobile types recognition ( hal 45 - 50)
Author Gregorius Satia Budhi, Rudy Adipranata, Fransisco Jimmy Hartono;
Publisher Proceedings ICSIIT 2010: International conference on soft computing intelligent system and information technology 1-2 July 2010 Bali Indonesia
Subject Gabor filter, back-progaton neural network, automobile type recognition.
Lokasi : Perpustakaan Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
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type of automobile is the general factor that makes automobile different from each other. but conventional sensor cannot detect the automobile and recognize its type. because of those reasons, we made an expriment application that can count the number and recognize automobile based on its type. this application uses gabor filter for feature extraction and back-propagition neural network for training and recognizing type of autumobile. the expriment was done using various parameters for back-propagation neural network and gabor filters. the exprimental result shows that he best error rate of recognition results is 16% its done with the brightness condition not too low or high.