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Call Number SEM - 362
Collection Type Indeks Artikel prosiding/Sem
Title Comparing genetic ant system algorithm in course timetabling problem ( hal 56 - 61)
Author Djali Djamurus;
Publisher Proceedings ICSIIT 2010: International conference on soft computing intelligent system and information technology 1-2 July 2010 Bali Indonesia
Subject Ant system algorithm, course timetabling problem, genetic algorithm, meta-heuristic
Lokasi : Perpustakaan Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
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this paper models the course tmebling problem as a set of tuples each of which consists of four entities , i.e. lecturers, courses roooms and time- slots that have to be matched in order to construct yhe preferences and their expratie as the constraint of the problem. a bipartite graph that conects the four entities is used as the path of ant movement. in this expriment two metaheuristics algorithm, genetic and ant system algorithm is applied to the problem, and the seults ar compared.