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Call Number SEM-370
Collection Type Indeks Artikel prosiding/Sem
Title Analisa Usability Untuk Mengetahui User Experience Pada Aplikasi Berbasi Web (hal 186-191)
Author Fridh Zurriyadi Ridwan, Dadan Hardianto, Yudho Giri Sucahyo;
Publisher Proceedings konferensi nasional sistem & informatika 2008 (KNS&I) INNA Sindhu beach hotel 15 November 2008
Lokasi : Perpustakaan Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
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Nowadays, web based product or services are becoming important parts in suporting businesses especially information technology realeted ones. Among those milions of web based applications, there are still many web based applications which cannot be used easily, are not interesting enough for users or do not work properly as they have to. These problems prevent using in using the applications. Meanwhile, those applications are important ones for them and for the businesses. This paper explains about performing usability analysis to get the user experience in a we based application based on case study. The case study is a web based project management applications, which is used in research and development center (RDC) unit at PT TELKOM. To collect data needed,survey and usability test method were applied to users of the application. The study found eleven usability problems within the application. It shows that user experience of the application. still needs improvements. The study also found that usability analysis could be performed by combining survey and usability test method and could find more compelete usability problems, compared to using only one analysis method. Keywords: Usability,User Experience