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Call Number PA-0123 (Softcopy PA-0123)
Collection Type Proyek Akhir (PA)
Title Analisa dan perancangan Sistem Informasi Penerimaan Negar Bukan Pajak (PNBP) dari Sektor energi dan sumber daya mineral penerapan pada minyak Bumi dan Gas
Author Arif Dermawan Isnandar;
Publisher Jakarta : Pascasarjana MTI, 2007
Subject Rational Requisite ProSoftware RUP Method UML
Lokasi : Perpustakaan Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
Nomor Panggil ID Koleksi Status
PA-0123 (Softcopy PA-0123) TERSEDIA
Tidak ada review pada koleksi ini: 22018
ESDM Department as one of Government Departments needs a system with ability to process information for public and government. This system is very important to support this department which has a direct line to monitoring resources especially in oil and gas. This system will be a basic information to make decision in how to manage these resources. The aim of this final project are to analyze and to rebuilt some business processes and to design a logical model of information system of capital income non tax. And this final project deliverables are the new business proccess and some diagrams which shows the logical model of the system such as use case diagram, class diagram, sequence diagram and activity diagram. This final project report shows and documents some deliverables and there will be some attachments included to complete the report such as documents produced by Rational Requisite Pro Sofftware. This final project is build based on RUP method through the phase of static dimension analysis and design and used the UML [ Unified MOdeling Language]