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Call Number SEM - 362
Collection Type Indeks Artikel prosiding/Sem
Title Computer aided for list implementation in data structure ( hal 108 - 111)
Author Ng Melissa Angga, Susana Limanto;
Publisher Proceedings ICSIIT 2010: International conference on soft computing intelligent system and information technology 1-2 July 2010 Bali Indonesia
Subject List, data structure computer aided learning
Lokasi : Perpustakaan Fakultas Ilmu Komputer
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Data sructure is one of the core subjects in most information technology faculty which considered as a hard subject that many students failed to understand the cantent of this subject. through some analysis, found out that this problem caused by the lack of student motivation towards this subject, the lack of abilty in picturing the process behind this subject, and the failure to comprehed the topic about list which heavily related to mamy other topics. list topic apparently is a crucial elementary topic in data structure, in which the failure of understanding in this topic would make it impossible to understand the other subsequent topics. in this paper, we offer an alternative way to presnting the topic about list in data structure using multimedia technology.